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Cheqworld's (CW) Objective is to democratise the background check services by making it accessible to all and easy to use. The most significant advantage of subscribing to CW is the Safety and security it proffers to your family and business.

Hiring competent and reliable employees is important for any company. CW's Employee background check service covers a comprehensive verification of ...

Multinational organizations need to rapidly adjust to statuary and compliance standards according to which they are responsible for the actions ...

An innovative approach to stand-out from the crowd; CW's self check gives your prospective employer the confidence in your credentials ...

CW's Tenant check helps to shed light on tenant's renting history, financial background, and information around any criminal convictions. It's ...

Stop child abusers, criminals, and dishonest people from harming your family. CW's servant check is designed to protect your family ...

Approx. 1,50,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents in India. Many of these are due to reckless driving and ...

CW's Matrimonial check committed to providing comprehensive solutions to all prospective bride and groom with a mission to help people ...

CW's property check aims at appropriately evaluating a property before you purchase. This includes the ownership authenticity, any disputes (Personal/...

CW's neighborhood check aims at helping potential tenants/owners in knowing all about the neighborhood crime rate, society environment/culture, ...

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Death due to road accidents in India (YTD-2017)


No. of criminal cases in progress(In Million)


No. of fake/unrecognized universities


No. of fake profiles on social media platforms(In Million)

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